I'm on the wait list; should I submit additional information?

Wait List

You are welcome to submit a short update to your application. Applicants on the wait list often submit spring term grades and/or a written update about their academic and extra-curricular pursuits. First-year candidates generally submit new material in late April or early May. Transfer candidates generally submit new material during the month of May.

How to Make Updates

Contact Information Updates: If you need to update your mailing address or your email address, you will be able do this by logging into the Dartmouth application portal. You will find the "Edit Address" link below your current address(es) and the "Change Email Address" link at the foot of the page.

Application Updates: Have important news? We hope you'll let us know. You can send us an update by logging into the Dartmouth application portal and uploading a brief text file containing your news or additional materials (please don't upload large files containing certificates or numerous images). At the foot of your application status page, you will see the heading "Upload Materials." You should type the news of your updates into a text file—such as a Word document—then upload it. The file will automatically be added to your application.