When is the latest I can take the SAT or ACT?


Dartmouth College is test optional for the Class of 2028.

Early Decision (application deadline: November 1)

  • Last test date for SAT: November.

  • Last test date for ACT: October

*Be sure the College Board or ACT knows you're applying to Dartmouth ED so we receive your scores when they're ready. You do not need to rush your scores.

Regular Decision (application deadline: January 3)

  • Last test date for SAT: December.

  • Last test date for ACT: December.

On Common App, you will have an opportunity to indicate if you would like Dartmouth to consider your test scores as a part of your application. 

You may self-report your scores on your application, and we will consider these scores until we receive your official scores.

The fastest and most direct way to submit official scores is to request the testing agency report your scores to Dartmouth. You are also welcome to ask your school counselor to submit your scores to Dartmouth with your transcript or by emailing them to submit@dartmouth.edu.

Please note: if you indicate that you wish your scores to be considered in our review of your candidacy for admission, we will require that you submit your official scores before you enroll.