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My sister and I smile for an ocean view sunset shot on a cruise ship.

Time flies! It's wild that this is my last blog post before I become a senior. Over the past three months, I worked at Mystic Aquarium's Education & Conservation department, hung out with Dartmouth friends across the U.S., and spent quality time with family and friends from high school to recharge before my fall study abroad. I thought I would share some photos that encapsulate some core memories from this final summer of my college career.

Alex '24, Diana '24, and I smile for a picture under a bridge in Boston's Charles River.

1. Kayaking along the Charles River in Boston, MA, with Alex '24 and fellow blogger Diana '24 reminded me of a more industrialized version of Dartmouth's Connecticut River. PS: Did you know that at Dartmouth, you can rent kayaks, canoes, or paddleboards from the Ledyard Canoe Club's boathouse in the spring, summer, and fall?

Adri and I smile for a picture by the Mystic Drawbridge on a sunny day.

2. My good friend Adri '24 visited me in Mystic, CT, so I took her to the iconic drawbridge before showing her around the aquarium. We explored downtown Mystic where we stopped by a fresh seafood restaurant and Mystic Drawbridge Ice Cream shop.

Jackie and a white beluga whale at Mystic Aquarium smile warmly at one another.

3. Juno, the 21-year-old beluga whale, loves to make eye contact with Mystic Aquarium's guests. I snapped this photo of my co-worker Jackie at the aquarium's Party with Pride event!

My mom holds my small brown dog Kelsey and smiles at the kitchen table with a rainbow sprinkled birthday cake.

4. After my internship at Mystic Aquarium concluded, I headed home to California and celebrated my mom's birthday with her and the family. My dog Kelsey licked her lips trying to get a bite of the rainbow sprinkles cake, but don't worry—she didn't get any!

A small brown dog (mini goldendoodle) and larger white dog (full-sized goldendoodle) wearing a bandana smile for the camera on a blanket of green grass.

5. At home, I spent lots of time walking my dog Kelsey and taking her to the park to visit her pup friends. At Dartmouth, though I don't have Kelsey, I love hanging out with therapy dogs Rosie the Goldendoodle and Poppy the Golden Retriever at the Student Wellness Center.

Ningning and I smile for a picture by beach watching the sun set over the Golden Gate Bridge.

6. I visited my close friend Ningning '24, also an Economics and Environmental Studies major, who was interning in San Francisco. I tried to take a mental screenshot of the incredible view of the Golden Gate Bridge during our evening sunset walk on the final night of my trip.

My sister and I smile for an ocean view sunset shot on a cruise ship.

7. My mom, grandma, sister, and I took a short family cruise from LA to Catalina Island and Ensenada. My little sister Madison and I are both entering our senior year (she's finishing up high school!), so I was glad to spend time with her before the school year started.

A plate of assorted sushi

8. My grandma and I signed up for a sushi-making class onboard the cruise ship. I had never made sushi before, but the instructors were so patient in explaining different rolling techniques. Our final product was delicious! As a huge lover of Asian food, I want to definitely try and recreate this sushi plate with my Dartmouth friends when back in Hanover. I made hot pot once with the People of Colors Outdoors (POCO) sub-club of the Dartmouth Outing Club, which was fantastic.

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