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A photo of students sitting on the lawn outside of Dartmouth Hall, having class

While some of you may still be deciding on where to go, many of you have (hopefully) committed to Dartmouth and are waiting excitedly for new adventures and friends. Although you should definitely focus on enjoying the rest of your senior year and the summer, it's certainly expected that many of you are looking forward to beginning your next journey in Hanover. In fact, one way I learned about Dartmouth after being accepted was reading about the different blog posts on People, Places, Pines! Since there are hundreds of posts out there, I thought I would provide a guide on how to navigate the website and find the content you're most excited or curious about!

First, a great way to find posts on a specific topic is typing some keywords into "Search All Posts", which can be found on the homepage. There, you'll be able to find blog posts on your specific topic with various perspectives from different student bloggers! Alternatively, you might find that you really like a few specific student bloggers, whether that's because you like their writing style, you share similar backgrounds, or something else. If that's the case, simply click on their profile or the "All Posts by this Blogger" button to view more from that specific blogger! 

Although exploring the blog and finding different voices and topics can be one of the best ways to learn about Dartmouth, you simply might not have enough time to explore the website. If you're hoping to quickly learn more about what Dartmouth is like (which might be especially useful if you're still deciding between colleges), I thought it would be helpful to link some of my personal favorite blog posts below. Of course, everyone's personal favorites are different, so I encourage you to do some digging yourself as well! 

Food is important, and there are a lot of blog posts about food here. One of my personal favorites is this one by Elina Pepper '22, as there's a lot of pictures that help you visualize our different options. Elina also does a great job of explaining how each option differs and what you might expect at each place!

Next, let's talk about traditions. Although most students know about Homecoming (which we have so many blog posts about), there are other traditions that are often overlooked. Read about some of my favorite winter traditions, as Chidera Duru '25 talks about Winter Carnival here and Paulina Caudra '25 tries to explain why we throw tennis balls at a hockey game here!

Of course, at Dartmouth we like to believe we are gifted students, which is why many of you might already be thinking about classes. Although you don't have to pick classes until the fall, almost every blogger talks about the classes they've taken. Read about Luke Grayson's '25 theatre class here, or even Gabriel Gilbert's '23 study abroad experience in Hawaii here. For a full courseload, you can click to read about Sydney Wuu's '24 classes last winter!

Finally, to tie this all together, it can be fun to read about a student's average day at Dartmouth. While every day is different, I'm proud of this post I wrote last winter, where I shared a particularly exciting day full of skiing, classes and friends (and homework). Go give it a look! 

I hope this post can be a great starting point for those of you beginning to explore People, Places. Pines. I truly enjoyed reading it while I was in your shoes, and now I'm so excited to be producing content for all of you! There's so many great voices and content pieces here, so have fun binge reading! 

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