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When I was deciding between colleges (which many of you might now be doing!), something that I found super helpful was reading/watching "a day in the life" content. Although there are already several blog posts that give you a glimpse of daily life at Dartmouth (in addition to a few great Dartmouth YouTubers), I thought I would offer my "a day in the life" blog post as well! Reflecting on this past week, my most interesting day was Thursday, so I thought I would walk you through what my Thursday looked like! 

10:10am: My first class on Thursday is Econ 35: Games and Economic Behavior, which takes place every Tuesday and Thursday from 10:10am - 12pm. After waking up shortly before my class time, I got ready and headed over to the classroom! I've enjoyed thinking about game theory in different contexts through this class, ranging from the car scene in the movie Footloose to where soccer players should kick penalty goals. This past Thursday, we discussed how auction bids and valuations relate to game theory and the different strategies involved.

12pm: After class, I head over to Collis to have lunch with my friend. There are several options at Collis, including stir fry, smoothies and a daily entree. I felt like having an omelette on Thursday, so I ordered one filled with cheese, ham, spinach and onions. After lunch was over, I went back to my room to catch up on some homework. 

1pm: I usually have my math class on topology Thursday afternoons, but it was cancelled this week because the Professor wanted us to work on our group project. Since my partner and I had already spent significant time working on the project earlier in the week and were happy with our progress, I decided to go skiing in the afternoon! I took a quick trip to the Dartmouth Skiway, which is only around 20 minutes away from campus. After renting skis with my student discount, I took a few laps around the mountain. Since it was a Thursday, the skiway wasn't as crowded as it usually is on the weekends. I had a great time hitting the slopes under the sun! 

Dartmouth skiway
A snapshot of my view of the skiway on Thursday!

4pm: Although my friend gave me a ride to the skiway, he had to leave early for a class. That wasn't a problem though, as Dartmouth runs shuttles from the skiway to campus from Thursday-Monday! The last shuttle everyday is at 4pm, so I hopped on the shuttle and went back to campus. I headed immediately back to my dorm, where I was able to get out of my ski gear and take a shower. Although it was already dinner time, I was amazed at how much I had done in only a day.: classes, homework, and skiing! 

6pm: I head over to Foco with some friends for dinner, and was happy to see one of my favorites being served: scampi! Although there's always a line, I'm happy to wait for my customized chicken scampi dish. Although I finish my meal very quickly, I stay around Foco to chat with my friends and catch up on our day. In fact, spending time at Foco and hanging out is one of my favorite things to do after a busy day like Thursday. 

8pm: I finally head back to my room, where I have some work waiting for me. Although some students like to get their work done in the library or other spaces around campus, I've always found it easier to work in my room. In fact, since I went to boarding school, I've been doing the majority of my work in a dorm room since I was 15! I do my Econ homework and end the night by catching up with some friends from home. Although I always try to go to bed around midnight, I find that I almost always go to bed around 1am instead. Still, that allows me to get a full 8 hours of sleep as I get ready for Friday!

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