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Maybe tis the friends we make along the way

Coming into Dartmouth from a small middle/high school where I practically grew up with the individuals I graduated with, I felt a bit anxious about how I would make friends or even start up a conversation with someone; I've thought of myself as an extroverted introvert, but wanted to work on this aspect of myself in college. Nevertheless, fall term definitely taught me that you can meet new people anywhere, but especially from the classes you take. So, this term, I was excited to see what new friendships I would make given the new set of classes. Here are a few names of the new friends I've made this from the classes I've taken so far:

MATH 3 (Fall 2022): Although math is not my strongest suit, the most rewarding part of this math class was the people I've met. During the first week of class, Austin, whom I randomly decided to sit next to, became one of my good friends as we immediately hit it off despite never meeting him before; we are also in the same economics class this term so it's great to have a friend in the class (and legend has it that he also sits next to me there). Although a packed class of 40 students might seem like a lot of people, I have found some of my favorite faces around campus to be my classmates who sat in the same row as I did in this class!

COLT Poetry After War (Fall 2022): This discussion-based class of around 8 students really showed me the meaning and value of a small student to faculty ratio. Although this class was once a week, I found this class to showcase the duality of Dartmouth's small school setting transpired through the meaningful conversations with my peers outside of class as most were '23s and have shared wisdom with me on their Dartmouth experience. I also found out that Amanda, who was also in this class with me, would also be going on the winterim break trips with me, so I appreciated that there was someone I already knew also coming onto this trip with me

WRIT 5 (Winter 2023): The first-year writing requirement caps each writing class at 16 students; therefore, the classes are expected to be pretty small with all your peers being first-years. Just last week, I grabbed dinner with Jillian after bumping into her outside of class in which we decided to grab a meal and got to know a lot better. The universe definitely brings people to you, and one way is definitely inside the classroom.

P.E Spin (Winter 2023): My friend Carrina briefly mentioned that her friend Lauren had signed up for the same spin class as me, so when Lauren introduced herself to me, I immediately recognized her name and mentioned that we shared a mutual friend. After a few weeks, our small talks at spin turned into long conversations walking from our dorms (she lives in the building next to me) to spin as a new friendship transpired. Lauren is one of the kindest humans at Dartmouth, and I'm so thankful that our spin class brought us together. 

In all, I've grown to the newfound appreciation of expanding my horizons in not shying away from the new faces I meet; there's no limit in how many friends you can make. I'm still learning to still not feel intimidated by the people I do want to get to know better — it doesn't hurt to try, and I find it to be a rewarding experience!

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