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As I opened my email one night during mid-October, I came across the headline "Break Trip Application Update", which I anxiously opened up: 

What is WHEATSTARCH??? You might ask... Well...

A quick google search tells you that WHEATSTARCH is different from mung bean starch (who knew?)

But to us, WHEATSTARCH is

  • Winter Hiking
  • Second College Grant Sunsets
  • Chillin in Cabins
  • New Friends on Mountains 

And WHEATSTARCH is YOU!!!  All of this can only mean... You've been accepted to the WHEATSTARCH break trip!!!!!

The Dartmouth Outing Club is made up of various sub-clubs such as Cabin and Trail (hiking and cabin camping), Ledyard (canoe and kayaking), Climbing Team, Bait and Bullet (hunting and fishing), POCO (People of Color Outdoors), Timer Team (logging), just to name a few. Every winterim (winter break), the sub-clubs run a variety of break trips around the United States that we have the opportunity to apply for. This year, some break trips include Big Bend National Park, the Second College Grant, Mount Lemmon, Zion National Park, and Catalina Island. The break trip I was accepted to was WHEATSTARCH, which stands for Winter-Hiking-at-the-Same-Time-as-Regular-Cabin-Hopping, one of the annual tradition break trips by Cabin and Trail; this year, the break trip was held up at the Second College Grant (a township owned by Dartmouth in Northern New Hampshire) and was five days long. As a big fan of hiking and a member of Cabin and Trail, I excitedly accepted the spot for WHEATSTARCH - I had never been winter hiking, but how fun would it be to hike some mountains and make new friends along the way? With that being said, here are some highlights through a photo series.

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