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River dock

Before I jump into my Spring term, I would like to appreciate Dartmouth's 2-week spring break which is twice as long as the traditiional one-week break that most semester schools have (Dartmouth is on a quarter system!). Since I didn't have any final exams, I was able to leave early and enjoy a 3-week spring break...amazing! 

Now that I'm rejuvenated and back for Spring term, I wanted to share the personal goals I've set for myself as I approach my last months of college. I'm only taking two classes this term compared to the traditional three class term, so I have significantly more time for personal pursuits and to enjoy Dartmouth. By sharing my goals, I hope you will be able to get some insight into what daily life is like at Dartmouth, and what activities are available to students in the Spring! 

1) Go skiing and/or swimming in the river once a week:

The river is one of the most popular spots for Dartmouth students during the Spring, as you can swim, kayak, and more! Students can rent kayaks and paddleboards with the DOC, and it's always nice to swim in the river or sunbathe on the dock. Although I went a few times last Spring, I hope to take advantage of my last term and go at least once a week! I also want to go skiing a few more times, as I really enjoyed going skiing every week in the winter. Since I still have my season pass, I'll be able to go for free, and bigger mountains in the area will still have trails open in April! 

Walking towards the river
My friends and I going for a dip at the river last Spring!

2) Attend more social events:

A term at Dartmouth gets busy pretty quickly, given the fast-pace of classes and the many extracurricular options available. That means I'm often opting out of social events to catch up on work, attend meetings, or simply relax. However, since I'm only taking two classes this term, I hope I'll have more time to be more active with the different social events on campus, whether that's weekly meetings with my fraternity, pizza nights with the People Places Pines bloggers, or just hanging out with friends on the Green. Of course, I'll be sure to turn up for big events of the Spring such as Green Key, which is a huge concert hosted by the College, and Pigstick, a music/food event hosted by my fraternity (hoping it doesn't rain)! 

3) Exercise and take advantage of Dartmouth's facilities:

Last term, my friend told me that he started going to the sauna every week. I was shocked to find out that there was an accessible sauna at the gym, and I made it a goal to check it out in the Spring. On a similar note, I want to discover and take advantage of all the different options we have at the gym! Whether that's taking a swim, playing squash, or doing a spin class, I look forward to trying out new ways to exercise. It was hard to go to the gym regularly in the winter since it was cold, but I'm making it a goal to exercise everyday in the Spring. Although it remains to be seen whether I'll actually reach that goal, I feel more confident than ever.

And of course, I'll make sure to keep up and be engaged with my classes this term - more on that in a future post! Suffice to say, I'm looking forward to the Spring!   

The food component from Pigstick last Spring!

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