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Me and my friend on the green, enjoying some sushi!

It's a Tuesday morning. I'm rolling out of bed, opening up my laptop, and groggily starting this piece. Forgive the typos — I haven't had my morning coffee yet.

8.45 AM: Wake Up

I usually wake up around 8.45-9 AM and spend 15 minutes in bed, scrolling through TikTok. After that, I muster up all my courage to get out of bed and take a quick shower, before heading out the door.

10 AM: First Class

My first class is a 10A (a 10 AM class on Tuesdays and Thursdays). This term, I'm taking a course on Playwriting, which is super interesting — I've learned things like character journeys, dialogue harmony, and even the business of making art. My class is in Sudikoff Hall, which is a bit of a trek from my dorm, so I like to leave extra early!

12 PM: Lunch

After my class, I go to Novack Cafe and get my regular — an Egg & Cheese sandwich with an iced coffee to wash it down. I usually run into most of my friends here. We sit and talk, study a little bit, and then go our separate ways.

2 PM: Second Class

After that, I have my second class on a Tuesday, which is a 2A (a 2 PM class on Tuesdays and Thursdays). This term, that class is Directing, which I've come to love. It's definitely a super time consuming class and getting used to the pace of the course is difficult, but if you put in the work, it's genuinely a really fun class.

5 PM: Gym

After my class ends, I quickly rush to my dorm, change into my gym clothes and go for a quick workout to the gym. I usually have my PE Credit (mandatory PE courses you have to take to graduate from Dartmouth) from 5-6, so I do that, and then spend another 30 minutes in the gym just working out.

7 PM: Dinner

After I'm done with the gym, I go back to my dorm, shower, change, and head out to dinner with my friends. My favorite dinner is definitely sushi from Collis Cafe — though the wait times are long, trust me: it's more than worth the wait.

8 PM: Homework and Lectures

After dinner, I usually head to the library with my friends and catch up on Cognitive Psychology (PSYC28) lectures; this is my third class this term! I'm usually in the library till 10:30-11 PM, which is when I head out, go back to my dorm, and call it a night!

I hope this day in my life helped you envision what yours might look like! :)

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