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Pinching Baker

Hello and welcome to the beginning of my Dartmouth journey! Whether you're a current high school senior drawn to Dartmouth's glorious green, a parent looking to learn more about an authentic college experience, or my mom (Hello! I made it!), you're in the right place. As most introductions start, my name is Eva and I'm a '25 from Albany NY on the biomedical ab+be track with academic interests in studio art, public policy, and anthropology. I'm a huge outdoors person and love all nature based activities, including but not limited to: newt finding, stream wading, kayaking, bird watching, and boogie boarding. Though I'm most at home outdoors, I'm a huge poetry and art history nerd, so I'm already looking forward to the hours I'll be spending at the Hop.

When applying to colleges, Dartmouth found me before I found it. One of the friends I'd been close with since preschool (who also ended up attending), asked me to write a peer letter of recommendation for his Dartmouth application. A peer letter of recommendation was something I'd never heard of before so of course I had to look into the school a bit further. What I found changed the game for me. Dartmouth was the first school that wanted to know everything about who I truly was. Not just the student, but the daughter, friend, and teenager. 

Cabin View
The beautiful view from a Dartmouth owned cabin!

Now that I'm on campus, I can confidently say that this extra consideration worked to create an incredibly curious, diverse, and passionate class.  During first year trips, I danced around a field in the mountains with hundreds of others and saw every single person enjoying the fun; I hiked 3 hours with people I had just met purely because we were curious about what was on the other side of a hill; I searched for shooting stars (which are absolutely breathtaking here in comparison to NY) with a new friend because we had nothing else to do. I could go on and on about the D-plan, research opportunities, academic flexibility, and career fairs, but that's not why I chose Dartmouth. I chose Dartmouth because of the people it attracts, and I'm so excited to see where they lead me.

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