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a view of Main Street, Hanover NH

Although winter term ended a week ago and the first day of spring term is still several days away, I've been spending my spring break in Hanover. Although I usually spend spring break and other breaks in between Dartmouth terms visiting friends in other colleges in the US, reuniting with some members of my extended family and spending time back home in Nigeria, this term, for various reasons, I'm spending my spring break in Hanover! Many Dartmouth students, especially student-athletes and international students remain on campus during breaks. 

three Dartmouth students relaxing on the grass on the Dartmouth Green

With a lot of free time now that we don't have classes to attend, problem sets to work on, homework to turn in or exams to study for, I and a group of other Dartmouth students have been hanging out and enjoying our spring break on campus. Earlier this week, we had an interesting conversation about how being on campus allows you to truly focus on the charming, calm and wholesome aspects of Hanover. We realized that, although Hanover is far from being a large city like New York or Los Angeles, the fast-paced nature of student life, the D-Plan and the quarter system give it more of a hustle and bustle than it would naturally have. Although Hanover remains a quaint New England town regardless of the circumstances, as a Dartmouth student, it is easy to lose sight of this in the midst of the fast-paced nature of student life.

the interior of Still North Books and Bar in Hanover NH

This conversation gave me a really insightful perspective and inspired a more intentional approach to how I spent my spring break. As we sat on the green together enjoying the warmer weather that late winter/early spring brings, I recalled the fact that during a typical Dartmouth term, I would be trying to finish up a reading assignment or prepare for an exam as I sat on the green. This time around, I was enjoying the weather and watching other people and families of the town of Hanover having a fun day outdoors. As we stopped at Still North, a bookstore and cafe in town, to get dessert, it was no longer a study spot for Dartmouth students who wanted a change of scenery from the library; it was a space for other people in town to catch up over a warm drink and explore and pick out a new book to read. More than halfway through my Dartmouth journey, this conversation has truly transformed the way I view this town, and I'm excited to see how this transformations informs the rest of the experiences and memories I will have and make here.​​​​​​​

painted miniature wooden figurines and a painted canvas
Silly paintings my friends and I did over spring break!

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