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a Dartmouth class

The short answer to this is yes! Classes at Dartmouth can be rigorous and challenging, but they're always such a fun learning experience! Meeting new people in DC this summer, I find myself talking fondly about the classes I've taken this past year, from the amazing friends I made through them and the fun presentations and projects I worked on. I definitely couldn't pick a favorite class, as I've loved different parts of each one, so these are the highlights of a few of the classes I've taken at Dartmouth.

Writing 2-3

I took Writing 2-3 during fall and winter to fulfill the first-year writing requirement. This two-term course is designed to help students who are not confident in their writing skills to improve through intellectual engagement and intensive academic support. This class got really exciting during winter term as we were assigned a 15-page research paper to work on throughout the term. At first, I was really nervous about this assignment; I had never written a research paper before, especially one of that length. But there was a lot of support from my professor and my TA, with weekly meetings and office hours throughout the term. My classmates and I also had the opportunity to discuss our ideas and progress for our assignments and learn about the topics we were researching.

a Dartmouth class

Art History First-Year Seminar

To fulfill my first-year seminar requirement, I took an art history class on Parisian Art in the 19th century, and it was a huge step out of my comfort zone! I had never taken an art history class before, but our professor made sure we understood the basics of art history analysis through constructive feedback and peer reviews. During the term, we visited the Hood Museum of Art on campus to see some of the actual works of the Impressionist artists we studied in class. As a final project, we had the opportunity to pick an Impressionist artist, explore one of their themes in their art and present our work to the class as a final project. Seeing the different perspectives of my classmates on the different artists we had studied was beyond interesting.

Sherman Art Library, Dartmouth College

Economics Classes

Over the course of my freshman year, I took the three prerequisite classes for the Economics major at Dartmouth: Economics 1, Economics 3 and Economics 10. I can never decide which one of these classes was my favorite or which was the most fun because they all complemented each other. In Economics 3, I learnt the essential calculus tools for economic analysis, and learnt how to apply these tools to important economic concepts that I'd be learning later. At the end of the term, I also worked on a really fun final project where I used integration to analyze rising income inequality in Nigeria. In spring term, I took both Economics 1 and Economics 10. In Economics 1, I also worked on another final project on the effects of agricultural subsidies on different socioeconomic groups in Nigeria and actually used some of the concepts from my Economics 3 class in this final project. In Economics 10, I got an amazing introduction to research in the field of economics through fascinating group presentations on interesting economics papers.

Silsby Hall at Dartmouth

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