23W First Snow
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Boston View From A Plane

We often find ourselves in times where we feel immensely stressed, exhausted, or simply tired of our banal tasks. Relax and go take a break because you deserve it! 

Whether you are stressed because of school, applying to college, or anything else, remember to take a break! Since it is winterim, Dartmouth's six week winter break, I am encouraging everyone to slow down and relax since it is a stressful time of the year. Currently, I am taking my winter break to relax and see where my days take me. I take time to play my instruments when I want or even make art when I want. I know most of my friends are also taking their break to relax and change the pace of their environment. I am thankful for winterim, since it is allowing me to reminisce on my first term at Dartmouth.

21F First Snow Picture
Here are some pictures from the last week of the 21F term
Last Day of 21F

During the week of Thanksgiving, I got to see my relatives and spend time with my family since it was the week I arrived back home in South Carolina. In case you were curious, it is an amusing adventure flying with a tuba next to you on an airplane. Currently, most of my friends are taking their finals and finishing their semesters so I have been enjoying spending lots of time with my family.

Although we may love feeling successful or accomplished by partaking in something meaningful, it is also important to take a break. This is something that should be valued in the rest of your life! Take time to go enjoy the sound of the wind outside, laugh with your loved ones, or look through old pictures of yourself. Now go take a break and relax however you would like!

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