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Video game and friends

Fall term is almost over! We have reached that point of the year when final presentations are due soon, and final exams are approaching. While brainstorming for this blog post, I reflected on my first year at Dartmouth and realized something had changed drastically. As a first year, I remember taking to heart the Shakespearean philosophy of "the world is your oyster." I wanted to be in every club, take every class, go abroad as often as possible, do everything, and be everywhere; sounds relatable? 

But, as I wrap up my first term as a junior, things are different. Hopefully, I don't sound jaded in saying this, but I've learned to appreciate the downtime and not spend every spare moment searching for academic/extracurricular opportunities. 

My new favorite hobby is gaming. And, yes, I spend some Friday nights locked inside my room with friends, Mario Karting our minds away. Although some think of Dartmouth as home to party scenes and Greek traditions, it was here that I learned what I like doing in my free time. Not everyone's Dartmouth experience is the same, and that's okay. If anything, I learned to cherish the fact that, on this campus, there are many options for what to do on a weekend—including playing video games with friends. 

So, yes, I now play video games. I am a 21-year-old man who discovered a secret fascination for his Nintendo Switch. Thus, my Fall term has been interesting, but definitely in a good way! In these moments playing Mario with friends, I feel the closest to them, as if we were at home together.

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