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Palm trees in LA!

Week 7! Welcome to my weekly recap of my Domestic Study Abroad for film majors. It is crazy that it is already time to recap week seven; it feels like I haven't been here that long. Here are some fun things I did this week:

  1. Met Scott Alexander & Larry Karaszewski: This makes it super high on the list because it was such a huge honor! The Domestic Study Program group met Scott and Larry—the writers of The People V. Larry Flynt and The People V. OJ Simpson: American Crime Story. Listening to how they craft their characters, build tension, and keep audiences hooked through different storytelling formats was helpful and informative. Beyond the meeting's practical purposes, I fulfilled a childhood dream!
  2. Visited an Academy Archive: The DSP visited an archive for The Academy that hosts the Oscars annually. Seeing the hustle and bustle as Academy members and employees prepared for the movie's biggest night of the year was exciting. On this day, however, we saw the process of nitrate restoration and the stacks of film that members had donated to the museum. I've never properly thought of how important it is to preserve the cinematic past, but this day was enlightening!
  3. Got to Network With Industry Members: If this DSP has one prime selling point, I'd say it's this. Dartmouth's alum network across industries is genuinely spectacular, even for Film majors! I've gotten to talk to so many exciting people just through the vast network here. For the film industry, getting your name out there and interacting with professionals is essential, and that's what this DSP has helped me do.
  4. Went to Some Great Restaurants: This was the week of exploring LA's food scenes even more! I think this point speaks to a general point about any off-campus study programs that Dartmouth does; all my friends who've been on them would agree that they're the perfect mix of independence and structure. That means you have all the time to explore the cities you live in but never feel alone or lost. And that's awesome.

I'll keep updating you as I go! Next week is going to be a really fun one, so I'm eager to let you know about that! Please reach out if you have any questions, especially now that decision season is around the corner. All the best :)

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