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You may have noticed it in the preface of this blog, but "magical" is the one word I would use to describe each location I've ventured to on this campus. Of course, Dartmouth has an unparalleled physical beauty, but there is a compounding element that truly makes a place stick out to me. A space's ability to make you feel welcome, to make you more productive, to comfort you on dreary days, or to motivate you on nights with no fuel is where a unique space truly shines through. Here, so many places fill so many different niches in my life that I must share with you. I've realized I've grown attached to them and they comfort me in ways that I didn't know a physical place could.


Tower Room
Baker-Berry Tower Room - Of course, we have to start with the most obvious. Baker-Berry Library is the quintessential image of Dartmouth's campus (pictured above). Specifically, the tower room on the third floor reminds me of the history of this place. When I find myself there, I'm reinforced with the same passion that I left home with… the desire to chase my most ambitious goals.


Wilder Hall
Wilder Hall - From the most obvious to perhaps the most overlooked is Wilder Hall. Wilder is the home of the Physics and Astronomy department, and I walk through it on my way to work each day. I'm reminded of not only the physical beauty of this campus and its history, but I'm reminded that incredible STEM research, in addition to the humanities, is conducted here. It humbles me.


Fairchild 101
Fairchild 101 - This one hits really close to home for me. Fairchild hall, in particular Fairchild room 101, is where I had my Dartmouth meteorology class (EARS 14)… the most awesome class there is. I feel sad reminiscing because it's over, but there are many memories in this room. Memories that I can't really convey but will always be with me. A special place indeed.


Moosilauke Ravine Lodge
Moosilauke Ravine Lodge - Okay, okay, the Moosilauke Ravine Lodge technically isn't on campus, but how could I not include this mystical place! This is where one part of my first-year trip experience was held, and it was an absolute blast. It reminds me of how in-tune Dartmouth is with nature, which is one of the most distinguishing features that led me to come to Darty!


East Reading Room
East Reading Room - This area is the quintessential "I'm not motivated at all right now, so I need to go to this place" place. It never fails, each time I lack motivation, I go to the East Reading Room. It's quiet. It's modern and contemporary. And it's filled with natural light. It creates a good contrast to some of the more historic feels across campus, and I love it!


Collis Common Ground
Collis Common Ground - Sometimes you need a study spot, but you're not really in the mood to have "pin-drop hearing silence." That's when you make your way over to Collis Common Ground. The fireplace, comfortable furniture, ambient lighting, and, occasionally, musical performances all add to the unique feeling of studying on Dartmouth's campus.


Shattuck Observatory!
Shattuck Observatory - I do have to say I've supported a cliché here… I've saved my favorite for last. What I mentioned about a place's ability to change your mood at the beginning of this blog is huge for me. I love these other places I've shown you thus far, but the Shattuck Observatory can turn one of my worst days right around just like that. This is where I conduct my weather observations, and, as we've established, I'm a weather and climate geek! Shattuck allows me to get away from the hustle and bustle of normal campus life (it's a little ways off campus) and gives me time to introspect. After I finish my observations, it's usually right at the moment of sunset where I almost always catch a glimpse of the gorgeous Upper Valley sunset. Such a beautiful place that will always be #1 on my list.


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