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Baker-Berry First Floor Study Space: desks and students studying

I started my first year of college knowing that I wanted to be a clinical psychologist. Flash forward to today, and that conviction still holds: I'm a psychology major aspiring to attend graduate school to become a clinical researcher and therapist. All of this is to say that I have always been interested in health-related topics, specifically in the context of mental health.  I took SOCY 35: Sociology of Mental Health my sophomore fall because I realized I was also interested in the wider context of health care. My interest in public health grew after I did a community health internship in Boston through the Dartmouth Center for Social Impact (you can read more about that here). By the end of summer, I knew I wanted to take more classes related to public health.

I learned about the global health minor through friends who have been taking anthropology classes, since the minor is under the anthropology department. I did not know that anthropology was one of the strongest programs at Dartmouth. After taking my first anthropology class, ANTH 50.56: Anthropology of Food, I now understand why. This class has been one of the best classes I have taken at Dartmouth. Instead of following a traditional grading system, Professor Charis Boke uses "many paths to mastery" criteria, meaning different assignments fulfill different learning objectives, and as long as we meet the threshold for the said objective, we get a point. Even though it was a bit intimidating at first, I started to appreciate the flexibility of this evaluation system. My favorite thing about the class has been the content. I just finished writing a midterm personal essay on an important dish in my family, and it was inspiring to hear my classmates' stories about this. We also published our essays on Dartwrite's digital portfolio project, which provides all Dartmouth students with WordPress-based digital portfolios. This way, we can read other classmates' works and personalize our websites.

Next term, I am taking two more anthropology courses: one in biological anthropology and one in social studies of health and medicine to fulfill the minor requirements. I am super excited about these courses, so stay tuned!

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