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Holt's Ledge

For the first few times, it may feel unsettling and scary to come to Dartmouth and meet new people. Now, it is one of my favorite things about each term. After a term being off campus, I finally returned to campus for my sophomore summer — a highly valued tradition and time where the sophomore class takes courses together. Although I have been on campus for a week, I have seen dozens of friends each day just from walking to grab food or to my classes.

Flight Back to Dartmouth
A picture when I was flying to Boston so I can take the bus to Hanover!

Currently, the energy on campus for the summer term is astonishing from how fantastic it is. Everyone seems genuinely excited about spending lots of time together with their friends and about taking classes together. On the first day of my African Drumming and Tradition course, I found out that I have friends from my study abroads and my first-year floor in the class. Now, I am even more excited to start learning the course material with the friends in the class. My other class is a comparative literature class on climate change and apocalypse; in this first class I noticed I knew most people in my class. 

Quechee Bridge
The lovely Quechee Bridge!

Since my closest friends and I have less extracurriculars for the summer, we decided to make a giant bucket list for the term. It ranges from going to restaurants, hikes, and specific tasks we have to accomplish over the summer. We also plan on accomplishing the Lou's challenge and doing many common Dartmouth traditions. For me, I have a personal list of things to accomplish like reading several books and composing music for fun. All of these things are things that make me happy about finally arriving back on campus, and ready for the summer term to start.

Every term has its quirks, and everyone loves to catch up at the start of each term. This past week has been filled with screaming hi, many hugs, and random conversations. The iconic question of "do you want to grab a meal?" has finally returned to my life too. As for now, I'll continue this route of catching up with friends and checking off items off my bucket list.

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