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For the D-Plan, do students take classes for all four quarters a year or can they take one quarter off a year?

A: Chase Harvey

Although the D-Plan seems complicated, I truly have enjoyed learning about how I will be able to plan out my next four years at Dartmouth. Almost all students take a quarter off a year instead of taking classes all four quarters during the year. The "D-Plan" refers to the quarter system Dartmouth students follow which gives them the opportunity to decide when they take classes and when they're on break. However, students can be on break and participate in internships or still be on campus doing research; students can also study abroad while they take classes.

First year students are required to take residence terms (quarters in which they're enrolled in classes) during their fall, winter, and spring quarters. In addition, two of the three quarters of a student's senior year must be residential terms, and students must complete one residence term during one summer. Typically, students will choose to take their summer quarter after their sophomore year which is known as sophomore summer. 

Leave terms are quarters when students are not enrolled. Students will take one leave term during a fall or spring term, and most likely will take one during the summer. Leave terms provide students opportunities for internships and research. The D-Plan allows students to pursue internships or research at any time of the year instead of only during the summer. Dartmouth provides support for leave-terms ranging from finding funding for your plans or even finding opportunities through the alumni network. However, leave terms can also be a time to relax at home with family or any way a student would like.

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