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As you may know, the Dartmouth quarter system leaves students with a lot of room for personal choices. You can practically choose what seasons you would rather spend at home, and which ones you'd like to be on campus for. There are four quarters per year, and — in theory — you would take at least one of these as a break, or an "off-term" as we call it. Typically, during their off-terms, students will decide between an internship, doing research, or whatever else comes to your mind. Due to the flexibility, one of the biggest pros of the quarter system is the ability to apply for internships out of the most competitive season (the summer!).

Moreover, typically students will spend at least one summer term on campus: their Sophomore Summer. This is an opportunity for you to come together with your class, bond, and enjoy Hanover's warm weather. But, as an international student, I wasn't sure I would be staying on campus this summer. Due to some constraints on our student visas, non-American citizens might have to undergo some bureaucracy to be able to take classes during their sophomore summer. Many of my friends decided to stay, some enrolled in class, and some just doing research and living near campus.

However, personally, I didn't see a reason to be here. Considering I'll be spending next year's winter term in New Zealand — meaning, their summer — I decided to keep my bathing suit in the drawer for a while longer. Instead, this summer I'll be in Brazil, my home country. There, I'll develop my project "Indigenous Language Support for Krenak Youth" with the help of the Davis Projects for Peace and the Dartmouth Dickey Center for International Understanding. Moreover, nearing the end of the term, I'll join the Endangered Languages Project as an intern. Even though I'll be far from many of my friends, I am still excited for this time away. Being home is always good, but especially when there's so much to do!

Next fall I'll be back, and I hope to see you then :)

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