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Front of McNutt Hall

Hello again! Antônio here, bringing somewhat of a deeper reflection to today's post. I remember that, as a high school senior, I had my priorities set very clearly when choosing colleges: more than a cool place or cool program, I wanted to be surrounded by cool people. And it should be somewhere I could afford. Impressively, it only took a couple campus tours on YouTube and a little informational session from the Admissions Office for me to decide to give this place a shot. And now, almost four years later, I could not be happier with that choice. 

On the note of being surrounded by 'cool people', I know how broad and relative this is as a measure. However, if you know any Dartmouth student at all, you must know what I'm referring to; amongst all my choices, all colleges I could have attended instead, it was while talking to current students in that info session that I realized that only at Dartmouth I would find such a caring and supportive community. Of course, this is not to say that there's no competitiveness or rivalry at Dartmouth—like many other schools, this is something that'll vary by department, friendship circle, class year, and many other factors. For example, I wouldn't know if students studying economics are competitive—I've never even been to one of their classrooms. 

What I do know is that, although Dartmouth's name upholds great recognition and can certainly open some doors for you, academics is not everything this place has to offer. Personally, I have never felt like I had to duel a peer to get a professor's seal of approval. Rather, I have felt challenged—by both peers and profs—to do better, to achieve even greater things than I though possible of myself. In summary, I don't feel like I have to prove myself to anyone, but that I can do so if I wish because people here want to see me succeed. And, funny enough, people I've met here have grown so much on me, that I too want them to succeed. That's what Dartmouth is about: a community that has each other's backs, and where bigotry is never accepted.

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