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For those who are away/have been away from campus: what do you miss most about Hanover and Dartmouth?

A: Adrian Chimboza '25

Mhoro (Hello) from sun-kissed Zimbabwe! As I sit on my patio in Harare, my mind often drifts to the vibrant days and tranquil nights of Dartmouth. From every laughter shared to every lesson learned, the memories are vivid. Dive in with me into this mesmerizing memoir from the heart of Africa to the soul of the Big Green.

1.  Main Street's Magnificent Mosaic

Hanover's Main Street is not just a road; it's a testament to time, teeming with tales. Lou's isn't merely a breakfast spot; it's an ode to early mornings where pancakes meet philosophies. Over hearty breakfasts, discussions ranged from the physics of pancakes to the intricacies of life. A few steps away, Left Bank Books promises more than literature. Each aisle transports you to different worlds, every book offering stories that stay long after the last page. Main Street's cafes, the spontaneous theater shows, and the soft strumming of a street musician's guitar at sunset encapsulate the essence of Dartmouth life outside the lecture halls.

2.  Dartmouth Green's Grand Gallery

The soul of Dartmouth, the Green, is an evolving canvas of nature's magnificence. Picture this: A frolicsome autumn with the leaves donning shades of gold and scarlet, whispering tales of yesteryears. As winter approaches, the Green is draped in a pristine white blanket, with snowflakes dancing like nature's own confetti. Spring is a burst of colors and fragrances, a celebration of life. Then there's summer, with its soft golden glow, perfect for lazy lounging and heart-to-heart chats. This iconic heart of Dartmouth serves as the backdrop for countless memories, from freshman picnics to graduation photoshoots.

3.  Baker-Berry's Boundless Bookshelves

In the colossal edifice of Baker-Berry Library, stories are not just confined to the pages. Tower Room's Gothic windows have witnessed countless epiphanies, group study rooms echoing with shared aspirations. Orozco's murals in the basement tell tales of civilizations, while the dimly lit corners serve as sanctuaries for the most fervent of readers. The Novack café downstairs? Oh, it's more than a coffee spot—it's a meeting ground for sleep-deprived students sharing tales from epic all-nighters.

4.  Collis' Cornucopia of Cultures

The Collis Center stands tall as Dartmouth's cultural heartbeat. Here, Friday evenings see a rush for international cuisines—a bite into a samosa transports you to India, while a spoonful of borscht is a trip to Russia. As the sun sets, the Collis porch often resonates with the melodies of student bands, while the interiors play host to myriad cultural events. Debates, dance-offs, art showcases—Collis isn't just a building; it's where Dartmouth's diversity shines brightest.

5.  Moosilauke's Majestic Memoirs

Amidst Zimbabwe's awe-inspiring landscapes, the tales of Moosilauke Ravine Lodge loom large in my heart. Those winding trails, filled with challenging terrains and breathtaking vistas, are metaphors for the Dartmouth journey—arduous yet beautiful. Picture this: evening campfires with the backdrop of the setting sun, tales of ancient lore exchanged, and the comforting aroma of cocoa in the air. The camaraderie, the songs, the moments of reflection—each experience at Moosilauke is a precious gem in the Dartmouth diadem.

6.  Dartmouth's Theatrical Tales

Dartmouth's dramatic arts scene is vibrant, alive, and echoing with stories. From the iconic productions of the Hopkins Center for the Arts to passionate street plays in the heart of the Green, the world is truly a stage here. Each term brings with it an array of performances, where classics like Shakespeare come alive and modern tales find their voice. It's in these performances, where raw emotion meets refined talent, that one truly appreciates the artistic spirit of Dartmouth.

7.  Hanover's Harmonious Hues

Drenched in Harare's sun, my dreams often traverse the seasons of Hanover. The unpredictability of its weather is poetic—winter mornings see the campus adorned in snow, making every path look like a passage from a fairy tale. Spring is a vibrant bloom, the air filled with a mix of melodies and fragrances. Summer, with its warm embrace, welcomes outdoor adventures, while fall is an artist's dream palette, every tree telling tales in hues of amber, gold, and crimson.

Reflections from a Distance:

As Harare sunsets paint the horizon, a Dartmouth dawn emerges in my heart. The juxtaposition of two worlds, two homes, makes one thing clear: Dartmouth isn't just an institution; it's an indelible imprint, a world within a world.

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