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As finals week went on, I was honestly ready for a break. After 10 weeks of school, I was eagerly awaiting my trip home to see friends and family. However, after three weeks of being home, I'm already missing so many elements of Dartmouth.

Weather: Ok, so Hanover is pretty cold. But, coming home to Georgia made me realize that I had never experienced a true winter in every sense of the word. I miss snow and cold nights that made Novack Cafe's Starbucks hot chocolate delectable. 

Friends: Over the past ten weeks, I've made some of my closest friends. Through classes, my dorm (shoutout to the best dorm, McLaughlin!), random meetups during Orientation week, and through my clubs and activities (I met one of my closest friends, Paulina, through the blog!), I have encountered so many different and unique people. In fact, I'm meeting three friends in Nashville this weekend who I couldn't wait six weeks to see!

Studying with Paulina, a fellow blogger, on the Green!
Studying with Paulina, a fellow blogger, on the Green!

Classes: It's probably nerdy for me to say I miss my academic classes, but my classes last term really captivated me. While it's nice to have a mental break, I miss learning about so many niche and fascinating subjects. One of my favorite topics was studying Hellenistic sculptures' influence on modern designers like Gucci and Versace. Another was race, gender, and wealth's impact on autism diagnosis rates. 

Lou's Restaurant!
Lou's Restaurant!

Lou's: If you are planning to tour Dartmouth, you have to stop in at locals' favorite diner Lou's on the main street. My friends and I often ate Sunday brunch at Lou's and caught up on the week. Delicious turkey avocado wraps and fluffy pancakes melted in my mouth. New England is famous for its small diners, and a lunch at Lou's is top of my list when I return to school.

Baker-Berry Library: It's fitting that the trademark of Dartmouth's campus is its beautiful library. I miss looking over the Upper Valley with its gorgeous forest views. Within the library, I miss the Tower Room, whose coziness made time studying fly by. More than that, I miss seeing and chatting with friends on first floor Berry, the most social and talkative space in the library.

Hanover, I'll see you in three weeks; until then, hello from "Hotlanta"!

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