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As everyone has made their way back to Dartmouth for 2023 Winter, I find myself in a land of ice and snow. The long jackets, scarves and gloves are starting to appear on even those used to this weather. However, I am being told frequently that this isn't even the beginning. 

Taking courses in a real-life Narnia is sure to be challenging, but so far, I have been surviving. This term I am taking Physics 13 which is a prerequisite for an Engineering major. It is a lecture-based class that has almost a hundred people. It covers the basics of Physics needed for Engineering like mechanics and thermodynamics. It is a lot of work because it consists of a laboratory component, but I am enjoying the class so far. It is also right next to my dorm which is very convenient when I need to walk in the freezing cold. 

My second class is my writing class, for which I am taking Understanding the Craft of Dramatic Writing. The class material is extremely interesting, with a part of our homework being reading plays and watching movies. This class will satisfy my first-year writing requirement. 

My third and final class was actually completely unplanned. I was supposed to be taking Math 008 this term as an Engineering prerequisite. However, after attending one class I realized that I had already covered most of the material in Math 003 and in high school so I decided to take the Math placement test to place me out of the class and satisfy my requirement. I passed the test and decided to take Painting 1 as my third class! This is my second Studio Art class and I am taking it with the same professor as my Drawing 1 class; I am already so excited to see what this class brings! 

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