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An image of three students in front of the Universal Studios sign.

Over the past year and a half at Dartmouth, I have made the most incredible friends; the people I have met are all amazing and considerate. With the snowy winter term wrapping up, I wanted to head somewhere warm with some friends! I decided to go to Universal Studios in Los Angeles this spring break with some of my Dartmouth friends on the West Coast. It was my first time traveling to the West Coast!

I stepped off the plane to a gust of warm wind and knew I would like the place. My close friend Victoria lives in San Diego, where I was staying. The two of us—and one of my other friends, Ryan—went to Los Angeles and spent the day at Universal Studios!

I was mostly excited about the Harry Potter world, as I have been an avid fan since day one. We tried Butterbeer, which mostly tasted like butterscotch and a ton of sugar. There was an excellent immersive ride with 4D visual effects! One day was enough to try all the "thrill" rides in the park. 

An image of three students in front of a model of Hogwarts Castle, Universal Studios
Outside the castle in Harry Potter World!

After a long day, we drove to see my friend Miriam, who lives in Los Angeles. She took us to a great sushi place that was both delicious and affordable. 

An image of a table with sushi, bento boxes and rice bowls
The food was delicious and made up for the overpriced park food!

Reflecting on a great day, I am so grateful for the friends I made at this place. Finding your people takes some time and does not happen overnight. I took the time to understand who I wanted around me, which has made my experience at Dartmouth magical.

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