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It is almost week three, and I have decided to remain in all of my classes—I often find myself utilizing the add-drop period, which allows students to "shop" for classes. I am taking two lab classes this winter, which is not a traditional schedule. My classes this term are CHEM 5 (General Chemistry), ENGS 22 (Systems), and ARTH 38.01 (Sacred Architecture of Asia)


I am taking this class as it is a prerequisite to the engineering major—this is my last prerequisite class! I will then be ready to dive into the world of engineering. CHEM 5 consists of General Chemistry, such as stoichiometry, solubility, and acid-base titrations. It also includes a lab component, where we perform weekly experiments in a four-hour block of time (pictured above is me on my way to the lab). While this class is known to be demanding, I find myself enjoying the lesson structure. Also, there are so many opportunities to get help for the class, including Teaching Fellows, daily office hours, and tutoring. 


If this class sounds intimidating, it is because it is intimidating! However, I am approaching the class with an open mind. The class consists of solving linear systems using first-order differential equations. It is a core component of the Engineering Sciences degree. I have yet to decide how I feel about this class, but I have enjoyed it thus far. Like CHEM5, ENGS22 has a lab component. In the lab, we assess different types of systems each week for around three hours each week.

ARTH 38.01

This art history class satisfies one of my distributive requirements, and it is also a topic of interest for me, considering that I come from a region in South Asia. I have grown up around temples and monasteries my entire life, and I was interested to learn more about their significance and history. We started off the class with an introduction to Buddhism and Buddha's life. The class is participation-based, which I think is a great way to keep the lectures engaging. I have greatly enjoyed the assigned readings and class discussions over the past two weeks. 

I have not decided which will be my favourite class this term but stay tuned to find out later in the term!

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