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An image of Prague city of buildings with red roofs from a high point

I spent Easter Weekend this year in Prague. Despite the fact that we had just landed in Berlin, we had a long weekend, and everyone wanted to explore! A large group of us decided that we wanted to visit Prague, which is only a train ride away from Berlin.

The four-hour ride to Prague was incredibly scenic, boasting beautiful fields in the countryside. When we finally arrived at the station, we walked to our hostel and immediately realised how different the city was. There were cobbled streets and ancient architecture. It was like walking through a museum, except the entire city was one. 

On Saturday morning, we woke up early to explore the city and had Trdelnicks for breakfast! Trdelnicks are the signature Czech ice cream cones and they were delicious, despite being way too much ice cream for one person. We walked across Charles Bridge, which was beautiful. It was a warm day, and the bridge had artists painting tourists and many musicians. We made our way across the city, stopping at little stores to try local cuisine. 

An image of an ice cream cone with yellow ice cream
The Trdelnicks we had!

Towards the afternoon, we headed up a hill to Prague Castle, which was built in the 9th Century and is one of the largest castle complexes in the world. We were able to obtain student tickets, with our Freie Universität student identification cards. Within the complex was a vast cathedral with the most intricate mosaic glass windows I have ever seen. The residence halls themselves paled in comparison to the cathedral. 

An image of an intricate glass mosaic window in a cathedral
One of the many beautiful glass windows!

Our last stop that evening was a river cruise! The cruise took us through all the important landmarks, and we were lucky enough to see the sunset during the ride. Afterwards, we had a great dinner at a Mexican restaraunt! The food in Prague was extremely affordable and delicious. 

On Easter Sunday, we got to explore some amazing markets, with a variety of local art and cuisine. I even got to attend a church service in the morning, at a small church near our hostel. Before our train ride back, I headed to the post office to mail some postcards to family and friends. 

Studying abroad has given me so many opportunities to explore new cultures and places! I am loving my time in Berlin, and I am so excited to keep exploring. 

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