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Dartmouth Spring

As a Undergraduate Advisor, my Freshmen ('25s!) often come to me with questions that I can't answer. What should I major in? What classes should I take? What is Spring like at Dartmouth? Now, that last question might have surprised you. Surely, as a junior ('23) at Dartmouth, I should be able to have an idea of what Spring in Hanover is like. Unfortunately, I don't. Because of Covid-19, this is my first Spring spent on-campus! Therefore, I'm experiencing it for the first time with my '25 residents, and it's been wonderful so far. Let me introduce you to the Spring! 

First, a quick introduction to the classes I'm taking. Since I've spent previous blogs going in-depth on my classes (read about my classes 22W and 21S!), I'll go over them quickly this time around. For 22S, I'm taking ECON020: Econometrics, MUS03.06: Sound Relations: Indigenous Musical Perspectives, and MES16.35: Modern Arabic Literature in Translation. Since it's the spring, I decided to take a more relaxed courseload and explore some of my academic interests outside of my two majors (Quantiative Social Science and Economics). Therefore, ECON020 is the only course I'll be taking this term for my major. ECON020 is known as one of the harder classes in the Economics major, but so far I've enjoyed brushing up on linear regression and other statistical methods. For work outside of class, we are expected to complete weekly problem sets and coding exercises, which translates to a few hours of work per week. 

Firefly Hybrid
This is Firefly, a Native American performer who visited my MUS06 class last week! It was amazing to hear about his performances and how he incorporates modern elements into traditional performances.

For my MUS03.06 class, we are exploring Native American culture through indigenous music. Although I interact with Native American culture often at Dartmouth (a lot of my friends are Native American and Dartmouth itself has a history with Native Americans), I never spent time learning about Native Americans in an academic setting at Dartmouth. Therefore, I decided to take this class and learn more about the culture that is present throughout Dartmouth and Hanover. It's been a really insightful experience so far, as we've been able to talk with Native American performers, participate in discussions about Native American music, and learn more about Native American culture overall. In an effort to expand my cultural perspectives, I also took MES16.35, which explores modern Arabic literature. I previously took a course on Modern Iraq which I really enjoyed, so I thought this course would be a great progression. Altogether, I look forward to exploring different cultures this Spring and expanding my global perspectives.

Although I'm excited about my courses, what I'm most excited about this Spring is the weather! It's already starting to warm up, and I can't tell you how much I've missed walking out in a tee-shirt and shorts. Seeing people play different games as I walk across the green, ranging from Ultimate Frisbee to Hacky Sack, has been one of the highlights of my daily routine. I can't wait to enjoy my first spring in Hanover and participate in spike ball games, morning runs at the river, and eventually swimming in the river! Of course, I'm also excited about my first Green Key, which is an annual concert that Dartmouth hosts. Finally, I can't wait to welcome all the '26s who will be visiting this Spring!

Spring is here, and I can't wait to experience my first one at Dartmouth. Follow along the blog to see all the adventures I embark on! 

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