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ENGS 12 project

In addition to my major in Government, I've decided to pursue a minor in Human-Centered Design, or HCD, for short. HCD is a relatively new minor at Dartmouth, and it's an amazing social science approach to engineering and design! For this minor, there are three prerequisites: MATH 3 (Calculus), ENGS 12 (Design Thinking), and ENGS 21 (Introduction to Engineering). I've already taken MATH 3, and now I'm currently enrolled in ENGS 12. This course has been so exciting and enriching, especially because it utilizes a different side of my brain!

ENGS 12's course name is Design Thinking – and that's exactly what it requires us to do. Since this is my first course in the engineering department, I came in quite worried that I wouldn't be able to keep up, or do things "like an engineer". However, right off the bat, my professor made the space welcoming and exciting, especially since my class is full of other prospective HCD minors – or, students wanted engineering exposure! There are certainly students with engineering experience in the class, but I always feel supported and comfortable sharing out what I've come up with.

My favorite thing about ENGS 12 is its focus on group work. The engineering department advises to take ENGS 12 before ENGS 21, since 21 is focused on a group project for the entire term. ENGS 12, throughout the term, assigns multiple projects – but many of them are group-based! My favorite group project so far required us to design a carrying device that enhances a user's life. My group's user in mind was a busy student who requires different items each day, depending on the classes they have. We designed a backpack that transforms into a tote bag, as well as a duffle bag! The bag was received really well by others, especially because it's so variable for different students and their personal styles.

I'd love to share more about the projects we work on in ENGS 12, but I won't spoil the whole course for you. Whether you're a prospective ENGS major, HCD minor, seeking engineering experience, or simply looking for a fun course – I would highly recommend taking ENGS 12! Even if you're not inclined towards engineering or design, this course is so welcoming and enriching. ENGS 12 has made me extremely excited for the rest of my HCD courses here at Dartmouth. Next term, I'm planning to take ENGS 21 – and I can't wait to see what I can do with the knowledge I've gained from ENGS 12!

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