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Baker Interior

We are halfway through fall term, and I feel as if I have hit a bit of a routine. I tend to have similar structures day-by-day as my life here starts to fall into order. Because of this development, I thought it would be best to walk you through a day in my life! 

I thought I would show you what a day without classes looks like for me, so you all could get a clearer sense of how I spend my free time! I have no classes scheduled for Thursdays, so here is a detailed record of how I spent this past Thursday. 

9:30 AM: Wake up!

Because I didn't have class today, I decided to give myself some time to catch up on some much-needed sleep. After this, I got ready for the day, ran to Collis (our student center) and grabbed a smoothie (my usual breakfast meal). Each morning, my smoothie itself will vary—I want to try many combinations to find which I like the most. 

11:00 AM: Library (Work time)

A friend I headed into Baker-Berry library to get some work done. I spent most of my time doing research for a writing project I'm working on, as well as reading some articles for my sociology class. 

Baker Tower
My view of Baker Tower from my spot in the library!

1:00 PM- Lunch!

My friend and I headed back to Collis, where we grabbed lunch and continued to do some work outside. I finished up the day's research for my writing class, and did some Latin work as well. 

2:30 PM: "Social time"? 

Another friend and I went and bought some items we needed, running errands and hanging out for a bit before I returned to my dorm for…

3:30 PM: Power-nap (?)

I am incapable of taking naps, but it never stops me from trying. Many days, I am extremely tired, so I try to nap and recharge when I have time, but I haven't been able to fall asleep during the day. I still do my best and rest for a bit, but it would be a stretch to call it a nap.

5:00 PM: Choreography Meeting!

As a new member of Ujima, a hip hop dance group here at Dartmouth, all the freshmen have to choreograph a dance for the group to perform. I met with the other two new members and we began to discuss ideas and get started on our choreography for the piece, which was very exciting!

6:00 PM: Dinner/More work

I met with a friend for a good dinner, and then returned to my room to get a tiny bit more Latin work done before…

8:00 PM: Ujima Practice!

Currently, we have practices online due to COVID-19 and the mixture of on and off campus members, but we still find ways to make it very enjoyable. During this practice, we learned a new dance and reviewed some old choreography as well. 

Here's Meggie, Kristabel, and myself—the three new '24s joining Ujima this fall!

10:00 PM: Late night/social time

After practice, some friends and I headed over to Novack (the cafe in the back of Baker-Berry library) to grab one last bite to eat for the day. This is basically a nightly occurrence, so we ran into many other friends we know and stayed for a while, talking to others. It's always a great way to end my day. 

12:30 AM: Goodnight!

After a few hours at Novack, it was time for bed, so I headed back to my room and passed out after a long day and unsuccessful nap. 

I hope you enjoyed this day in my life and it provided some insight into what most days look like for me as a Dartmouth student!

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