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After a term away from Dartmouth, I was beyond excited to venture back into the woods before the start of summer term to work at Dartmouth Reunions! As soon as I walked onto the bus heading from Boston to Hanover, I saw a friend also working reunions and felt that instant rush of energy and excitement that accompanies every return to campus. On our journey to our home away from home, my friend and I spent the drive catching up and playing 'I Spy' together!

The trip was off to a good start, and as we rolled onto campus, we both felt a warm comfort fall over us. After helping each other move in, we were ready to get to work!

During the day, I worked with the toddler program. We held the program at the Cube, a new building generally used as a common space apart from Greek spaces. As the parents walked in with their little ones, we greeted them and took the kids to play in a corner of their choosing: we had the blocks corner, the puzzle corner, the coloring corner, and the storybook corner. Man, do those kids have some energy! As we guided them to an activity, with their quick feet pitter-pattering across the floor, the parents relaxed on the couches. With their newfound respite in responsibility, they were able to socialize with other parents and meet new friends from similar class years!

During the nights, I served food for the Dartmouth Class of 1998! Energetically asking alums for their orders, exchanging stories, and getting glimpses into their Dartmouth memories filled the night. Showered with "thank you's" and praises for our hard work, the alums impressed the student workers and made us proud to share an alma mater. The station was always very well-staffed, and in the lulls between customers, it was nice to get to know my coworkers better—honestly, it felt like hanging out!

This experience filled me with excitement for the future—the reunions Dartmouth held truly were spectacular, and they seemed to make the experience a very special time for the alums. As an alumnus, I can imagine feeling the unique sense of comfort that comes from this special place, where the magnificent mountains and rolling rivers seem to slow time, to a higher degree. I can imagine how the nostalgic pockets of the past will bubble up memories of laughter and adventure looking back on my college experience. I truly enjoyed working reunions, if not for the terrific toddlers and amazing alums, then for the sense of appreciation for this wonderful place and the people inhabiting it that can be easy to take for granted. As I hit the halfway mark (2 years blew by!), I already feel that Dartmouth is my forever home.

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