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Trafalgar Square at sunset: Nelson's column at the center, buildings at the back, and people walking around

In terms of academics, the class I have liked the most in London has been "London Performance Now", which might as well have been the best English course I have ever taken at Dartmouth and elsewhere.

We have watched different performances or visited exhibits for this class every week. I have two more shows to watch for this class, which are performances I have never been exposed to. One is a cabaret-style show performed at Duckie on the last Saturday of every month. I am going into this show without knowing much about cabaret, so wish me luck! The last show I need to see for this class is called a panto, which is a musical comedy production suitable for families, performed around Christmas time. I feel bittersweet that I only have these two shows to watch since I have learned a lot from this class by simply watching the required performances. Still, I look forward to our class discussions!

The second biggest thing I am looking forward to is completing my solo excursions to bookstores around London. I have visited most of the bookstores on my bucket list in London, but a prominent one remaining on my to-visit list is Lutyens & Rubinstein, which was opened by two friends who only sold books they loved reading. It is also close to the Portobello Road Market, among the most famous street markets in the world. It is such a privilege to have enough time on my hands during this study abroad to explore more in London.

Another thing I am looking forward to is having more trips with our Dartmouth cohort in London. So far, we have had day trips to Bath and Kent and watched "As You Like It" in Shakespeare's Globe. Our professor, Alexander Chee, suggested watching the Royal Shakespeare Company adaptation of "My Neighbour Totoro" at The Barbican Center. All of these trips are paid for by Dartmouth, which I appreciate, as it makes having a good time in London affordable for a student on financial aid like myself.

I will be signing out for now, but stay tuned for more adventures in London!

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