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It is crazy to think that I am halfway through my Dartmouth journey. To celebrate, here are a few of my favorite moments related to academics in case you need further proof that I am a major nerd. 

THEA 10.68: Staging Rebellion

Last winter, I took Staging Rebellion, a class about revolutionary theater in Latin America. It is the first, and currently, the only, theater class I have taken at Dartmouth and one of my favorite classes ever. For the final project, the wonderful Professor Santana assigned us a creative project, allowing us to explore an issue with political and personal significance in a creative form. The projects my classmates created ranged from poetry readings to one-woman shows. My Latinx friends in the class kindly let me join their project, as they were preparing posters to denounce the US intervention in supporting the dictatorships in Latin America. I created a poster for US intervention in the Middle East, so our project criticized the global imperialism of the US in general. Creating posters at Dartmouth's Book Arts Workshop and hanging them around campus was the academic highlight of my last winter. It was the best group project I worked in. Sending much love to my groupmates!

CRWT 10: Writing and Reading Fiction

There were a lot of great things about this class, which I took last spring with Professor Crouch. We not only learned the basics of writing fiction but also had the chance to have a lot of practice writing and critiquing our classmates' stories. My favorite part of the class was reading my classmates' work. That's why my favorite academic moment from that spring was the end-of-the-term reading we did. I got to listen to people's stories from the other sections of the class, which was an inspiring experience. 

PSYC 50.10: Neuroscience of Mental Illness

I have written about this class before here. I will not get sick of talking about it because it was possibly the best class I have taken at Dartmouth. An aspect of the class I liked but did not write about in my prior blog post is that we watched documentaries about different mental illnesses every week. The documentaries covered heavy yet crucial content, allowing us a glimpse into the human side of mental illness and the problems in mental health care in the US. 

Bonus: Visiting the Hood

I have visited the Hood Museum for multiple classes I have taken, ranging from women's gender, and sexuality studies to my first-year writing seminar on avant-garde art. Hood as an education museum houses various collections that help with learning outside the classroom. My favorite exhibit that we visited as a class was Chicana Graphics, which Professor Santana took us to see to learn about revolutionary printmaking. 

I have had a lot more interesting, thought-provoking, and unique moments in classes at Dartmouth, and I have no doubt I will have some more. Stay tuned!

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