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What Classes Am I Taking this Term?

I'm on for freshman summer, so I wanted to share what classes I'm taking this term! 

  1. BIOL 13: Gene Expression and Inheritance

BIOL 13 is one of the six foundation courses offered by the Biology department. As a pre-health student, I'm required to take two, so I decided to take genetics as I'm personally interested in the topic! This class is definitely intense: during our 2.5th week/3rd week, we had our first midterm. And just in a week and a half, we're scheduled to take our second midterm. The class itself has a flipped classroom structure, where students watch two to four videos before each lecture to learn the material, and in class, we do problem-solving exercises! Professor Jack is very concise and thorough with the material so I haven't faced any difficulties understanding. I personally feel that, in comparison to BIOL 12, which is lecture-based, BIOL 13 was a lot more manageable even with more midterms. I originally didn't want to major in Biology, but this class is making me reconsider!

  1. ENVS 2: Introduction to Environmental Science

As with other introductory classes, ENVS 2 is a very general, broad overview of environmental science—studying environmental crises and solutions. I was shocked as to how many different environmental crises are happening in our world, ranging from beef-methane production to flooding in underdeveloped regions. However, what is even more interesting is that there are tangible solutions brought forth that could potentially bring Earth back to a stable state; yet, no one is taking action. And the Paris Climate Summit in 2015? No countries have taken actual action since the summit, continuously contributing to climate change. These small bits of information learned in class are actually applicable in my life, which makes this class very intriguing for me. 

  1. ANTH 50.21: Filmmaking and Visual Culture

This class is my first higher-level anthropology course. We cover African American films, literature, photographs, and artworks that display a sense of "shifting culture." It's a very deep set of topics I've never even thought about throughout my life, which makes it interesting for me to learn. Our first project (that I'm working on currently) is exploring social media and one of its specific features and analyzing their presence in our world today. I'm excited to see what my future projects/assignments will entail!

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