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I still can't believe Dartmouth's first term already ended! I'm now back home, spending time with my family, across the United States in California. Dartmouth has a very unique break period where all students finish finals before Thanksgiving; so, instead of returning to school after Thanksgiving for finals week, we're able to enjoy a long, connected 6-week break! We call this break "Winterim," and every student spends this time according to their unique interests and goals. 

I know some friends who are spending all 6-weeks in Hanover, partaking in a STEM research project with professors, and I also know some friends who are traveling to New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and more metropolitan areas in the U.S. For me, I'm planning to do a combination of things: traveling, studying, and applying. 

Due to COVID-19, it has been very difficult to travel to different places with my family. But, during winterim, I'm planning several trips with both my family and friends, to spend some time in places other than Southern California. Nothing is certain; I could be snorkeling in Honolulu, trying delicious restaurants in Manhattan, or even roaming around Las Vegas.

Another item on my checklist is studying. Next term, I will be taking PHYS 4: General Physics II, which is the second sequel to PHYS 3: General Physics I. I was able to bypass PHYS 3 due to AP credits; however, I don't remember the content very well. So, during winterim, I plan to utilize various resources, from Khan Academy, old prep books to Dartmouth's physics department website to grasp important concepts prior to classes! 

Lastly, I need to begin applying to some internships and programs I'm interested in participating in during the summer. Although I'm not completely confident about what major I want to pursue at Dartmouth, I'm certain I will continue to be on the pre-medical track. During summer, I hope to partake in some clinical internships, volunteering, or shadowing. At the same time, however, I also want to build some business knowledge––through Tuck Business School's bridge program. I personally believe business knowledge is vital for any student of any major. Lastly, I also hope to apply to some programs within Dartmouth Center of Social Impact (DCSI), as they offer very interesting (and exciting!) nonprofit opportunities over summer. 

6-weeks may seem like a long period of time, but I'm sure it'll pass by quickly. While it's important to do some things that are meaningful, I also think it's important to just relax and rest as well. As Dartmouth students, we undergo 10-weeks of intense studying, and we most definitely deserve a break! I hope everyone has an amazing winterim, or just winter breaks in general!

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