23W First Snow
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In life, there is always so much to see and a lot more to do. Everybody has the chance to see and do as they desire, but will never understand how to view life through the eyes of others. However, we can most certainly try. Over the last summer, I studied abroad in Rome and experienced the summer through storytelling. Whether my Italian professor from Calabria talked about her children or newly made friends explained their favorite things, this summer was told through a lens of storytelling. I did not master my language proficiency or completely learn about the culture because I am an outsider. Yet these new figures in my life told me stories that helped me shape my perspective on what it means to be Italian in many aspects. I could mention those stories which I loved the most since it is incredibly exciting to hear about those who have put their entire life into their passions. Instead, I am going to be my own storyteller and mention some of my favorite moments from living in Rome for those months.

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