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A view from campus

I've known this blog for over three years now; I first came across the blog when I was a senior in high school. I was between Dartmouth and a couple of other schools, so I did a Google search, "Why should I choose Dartmouth"—a plethora of results came up leading me to People, Places, Pines. 

I had never seen anything like the blog. Through students with different interests, majors, and backgrounds, I was able to get to know Dartmouth on a deep level. To me, students were able to express their own voice and experiences at Dartmouth. 

During my senior year, I started reading the blogs of a student name Tulio '23, who seemed like someone I would want to be friends with. While he wrote about academics in his post, he focused on his overall experience and provided details about Dartmouth I couldn't find anywhere else. 

When I came to Dartmouth my first year, I knew I wanted to apply to write for this blog because it had been so pivotal in my decision to choose Dartmouth. In my interview, I asked the admissions officer what students liked most about the blogs. She said students loved having a record of their time at Dartmouth to look at after they graduate. 

After becoming a blogger, I have met so many wonderful students and admissions officers through the Admissions Office. I now have the pleasure of reading and editing blogs as an Admissions Communications Intern, and love reading about Dartmouth experiences while I am abroad! 

I truly had a full circle experience my first year when I met Tulio through the Catholic center. We instantly became friends, and I am so lucky to have met him through this blog!

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