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"Homecoming" Exhibit at the Hood

My parents always tell me that college is an opportunity to explore areas of interest you've never encountered before. With that in mind, I decided to apply to be an intern at the Dartmouth Hood Museum of Art!

The internship is a year-long position that is paid. I work roughly 10 hours a week and meet weekly with my supervisor and again with the intern cohort. The Hood has a newly renovated office space that interns are welcome to work in; though, most of the work is remote.

Officially, my title is the Class of 1954 Intern; my role has many different responsibilities. I help with programming, planning special events, cataloging, and helping my supervisor with her curatorial role. 

My supervisor is wonderful; she both gives me exciting projects and allows me to come up with my own ideas. Past projects have included editing a book that will soon be published, combing through the Hood Museum website, and even watching an exhibit be installed. At the end of the summer, I was helping my supervisor handle first edition Rembrandt prints! 

While my job has specific goals that I must accomplish, it is also a great learning experience. My supervisor is always telling me about the inner workings of the museum and allows me to shadow her in her daily work. I have a new appreciation for museums now that I know all the work that goes into them!

For my own projects, I focused on public events because I really enjoy talking with people. I planned an a capella show that happened at the end of summer, you can read my blog post all about that! I also put the wheels in motion for a tour guide training about the Hood that will happen in the fall.

Overall, I am enjoying the first part of my internship and am excited to get back to it in the winter!

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