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One of my favorite parts about Dartmouth are all the on-campus work opportunities for undergraduates. The types of campus jobs that students can work are incredibly diverse: research, tutoring, working for Dartmouth dining, working at the library, professional enrichment opportunities, and so many more ways that students can gain work experience and make some money. On campus, some of the jobs I work include tutoring Arabic, various videography jobs, and writing for the blog. In this post, I want to share ways that I've been able to remain engaged in these jobs and work remotely while I am away from campus for my off-term!

Writing for People, Places, and Pines was one of the first jobs I picked up at Dartmouth, and I'm glad that I did! Being able to reflect on my Dartmouth experience one week at a time has been a great way to keep track of the things that I've been up to over the past couple of years. Being able to see what I wrote on the blog one or two years ago helps me put my time at Dartmouth in perspective.

I haven't been able to remain as engaged with some of my videography jobs on campus while I've been away from campus, but I've been able to do some work helping out with some video at Admissions. I was able to edit some footage remotely into content for social media, which has been a great way to finish some longer-term video projects that I had been working on for the department. In my capacity as a Video Hop (Hopkins Center for the Arts) Fellow (read my blog post about the Hop Fellows program here), I've also been able to do some editing work remotely. In addition, I've remained in touch with my other cohort of fellows by attending the weekly fellow meetings remotely. This gives me the opportunity to stay in the loop about Hop programming and activities while being away from campus.

Overall, while I definitely haven't been able to work as frequently while away from campus, I'm glad I'm able to stay in touch with these jobs remotely while on my off-term and make some money on the side. Hopefully, these examples show the flexibility of student work at Dartmouth!

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