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A photo of a video shoot

Wow! It feels like just yesterday I was writing the blog post sharing how I would be spending my off-term: if you missed it, here it is. Over the course of this spring term, I've been working as a documentary production company in Chicago, helping out on all sorts of different projects. In this post, I want to recap my experience for those curious about internships in the creative field, and share how Dartmouth provided me with the institutional support to succeed in this internship.

As a production intern, one of my largest responsibilities was working on post-production for various projects, primarily working in Adobe Premiere to edit projects for clients as well as creative documentary projects for the company. For example, the company shoots and records many lectures for the University of Chicago, and I was responsible for cutting social media cuts of many of those lectures. One of my favorite projects I edited was a music video for folk musician Don Flemons; it was lots of fun, and definitely outside of my creative comfort zone. Another one of my favorite projects was editing a rough cut of a scene for an upcoming documentary about Chicago's historically-Black 1st congressional district and the 2022 race for the seat after long-time incumbent Bobby Rush retired. Overall, many of these projects helped me work on and sharpen my Premiere skills!

Another significant responsibility was assisting on many shoots, both on documentary and client shoots. On client shoots, I was responsible for camera operation on events for the WBEZ radio station, University of Chicago, Chicago Humanities Festival, and many other events. I was able to learn how to use and operate a crane at the South Side Chicago Irish Parade, which was also valuable and lots of fun. Some of my favorite shoots were on actual documentaries, where I primarily monitored audio levels and operated boom poles while simultaneously serving as a general production assistant. 

Without support from Dartmouth, the internship would not have been possible—since it is a smaller company, they do not typically offer paid internships. However, through Dartmouth's Center for Professional Development (CPD) I was able to apply for and acquire funding over the course of the internship. Moreover, there are many other grants available for students to apply to. Unpaid internships are quite common in creative industries, which is why access to Dartmouth's large supply of grant funds is incredibly valuable for undergraduates interested in exploring these industries.

Overall, I can't believe the spring term is almost over already, and I can't wait to update the blog with what I'm up to next!

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