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This fall, I've gotten involved with the Hopkins Center Fellows program at Dartmouth. The College has recently expanded the program. In this post, I want to talk about what the program offers to prospective Dartmouth students!

The Hopkins Center for the Arts (commonly referred to as "the Hop") is a creative hub on Dartmouth's campus. Musical ensembles, theater groups, film showings, painting showcases, and everything in between happen at the Hop. The Fellows program allows students to explore opportunities in arts administration and production. It is a year-long residency program in which Fellows connect within the program and with the greater Hop community. Each Fellow has a unique role within the cohort. The "Research Fellow" uses archival materials to preserve historical narratives of the Hop; the "Jewelry Studio Fellow" works with the Jewelry Studio staff to increase campus engagement; there are also Social Media Fellows, Marketing Fellows, Writing Fellows, and many more! 

I'm joining the cohort as a "Video Fellow," which will allow me to improve my filmmaking and visual storytelling skills. My most time-consuming project will be to help film a short documentary about the Hop Fellows program, exploring how students collaborate to create art and explore their passions.

A key component of the Fellows program is that the cohort will work together to produce some creative production/show at the end of the winter term. Thus, this program gives students a chance to learn how to organize an event themselves, learning about the process through which everything comes together. The program provides an excellent medium through which Fellows can bond, both in the context of friendship and professional development. 

Fellows work an average of 10 hours per week, which consists of work on their respective projects as well as collaborative projects between Fellows. In addition, the cohort meets weekly to share updates, talk about potential projects, and discuss how we want to take advantage of the Fellowship so that it effectively meets our needs. This means that the Fellows program is dynamic and constantly changing to enrich the experience for the cohort. In my blogs, I like to emphasize all the resources available to take advantage of at Dartmouth—this is definitely a great one to know about!

I'm really excited to see how the program develops, and I can't wait to share the great things we work on with the blog!

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