View from Moosilauke Ravine Lodge
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Fall foliage, both sides of the street feature tall trees with turning leaves of orange, red, and yellow color
Connecticut river sunset
Trail near campus, a streak of sunlight passes through the trees
A band playing with purple lights coming from the back
Huge bonfire burning at night
White building with green exterior lighting in the rain
Sunset: warm colors, cool breeze. The green pictured from Dartmouth Hall steps which is a wide angle of the campus.

Going to a college like Dartmouth, where the campus exudes breathtaking beauty, I find myself captivated by every corner. While my blog usually features conventional posts, this time, I decided to compile a vibrant photo blog capturing random moments from my fall term. Living in the present, these snapshots encapsulate the essence of my Fall'23 Dartmouth experience. As I won't return until spring, this gallery serves as a nostalgic anchor, grounding my fall term in the timeless triad of People, Places, and Pines.

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