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My friends and I at Chi Delta!

Anyone who knew me before coming to Dartmouth might be surprised to hear that, as from this Winter term, I have been taking part in the Greek system. It was, originally, one of the things I feared the most about college in the United States. I not only am a naive international student, unaware of the true intricacies of college life in America, but I am also a minority student afraid of taking up certain spaces. However, as I recently found out, Greek life at Dartmouth can be fun! It offers a safe, welcoming environment for everyone — no matter who you are!

Around 60% of Dartmouth students are affiliated with a Greek organization on campus — whether that is a fraternity, a sorority, or a gender-inclusive house. Nonetheless, for my first four terms as a student here, I had no interest in pursuing this life. I guess I simply didn't see the appeal of it, and my choice was well respected by all my friends who decided to "rush a frat." It was only this Winter, when I came back from my study abroad in Madrid, that I got interested in becoming part of this whole system. 

Rushing at Dartmouth only begins in your Sophomore Fall (your fourth term as a student). This is a college-implemented policy to make sure students have the appropriate amount of time to get acquainted, reflect, and decide whether they want to engage in Greek life or not. Freshman year, honestly, served me no reasons to pursue this life. I simply did not enjoy the nights I spent in basement parties, and the white-centric, heteronormative culture that is intrinsic to these organizations originally scared me away. 

However, this year I had the incredible opportunity to get to know better the gender-inclusive houses. Alpha Theta, the Tabard, and Phi Tau are the three non-gendered organizations on campus. In these places, I have always felt welcomed and loved. At Tabard, the house I chose to rush, I have found an incredible community. I feel like I found a place where I can party, hang out, and chill with people who share my interests and passions — including issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion. And, my favourite part: I got to do all of this with my boyfriend, Luka, and our best friend, Julie! 

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