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Winter is a sad, cold, bleak time.* The sun seldom shines**, and warmth seems all but gone from the world. Students resort to taking Vitamin D supplements and wearing an oppressive quantity of layers to survive the walk to classes and meals. It's truly a terrible, miserable, no-good time to be on campus.***

But of course, with the light of Dartmouth's Winter Carnival on the horizon, how could trivial things such as these matter!

Dartmouth's Winter Carnival is a yearly tradition that "celebrates the beauty of the winter season in the Upper Valley" according to the Winter Carnival Website—and now I can finally say I've experienced a Dartmouth Winter Carnival! 

*Winter at Dartmouth is cold, but neither sad nor bleak. 

**There isn't much sun, and taking vitamin D supplements can't hurt, but it's always an exciting day when the sun does shine! I'd recommend doing school work by a window on those days—a dorm window works, or you can check out my blog post here, listing favorite study spots, often with big, beautiful windows! 

***This statement is just plain false.

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