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Adrian Chimboza
A peaceful, lovely and sunny afternoon outside Wheeler Hall.

Greetings! I am so delighted that you could join me on this adventure as I share my Dartmouth experience with you for the next four fun-packed years. My name is Adrian, and I am a member of the Class of 2025. Yeah, you guessed it, I am a first-year, and this is me saying hello to you, prospective students, current students, families, alumni, and fans of Dartmouth (the college on the hill—literally). This is my first time blogging, so I'm so excited to explore this new talent as I share my stories with each and every one of you as a People Places Pines Blogger.

Victoria Falls
Victoria Falls aka Mosi-oa-Tunya (Translation: "The Smoke That Thunders")

For you to understand who Adrian is, you first must know where he's from. I am originally from Harare, the capital city of Zimbabwe. For those who are not familiar with Zimbabwe, don't worry. I will give a brief description. Zimbabwe is a small country in Southern Africa located 12,416 km from Dartmouth (so I am a long way from home). Zimbabwe is also home to one of the Seven Wonders of the World, Victoria Falls (I am proud to say that). So, if you are an adrenaline junkie interested in bungie jumping into a roaring mist or if you are just a nature lover interested in exploring African wildlife, then Zimbabwe is a must-visit place for you.

Africans at Dartmouth
Spreading a little bit of Africa on campus.

I got admitted at Dartmouth through the regular decision cycle, and up to now, I still cannot believe that this is real. So, why did I apply? Was there any reason not to? Who can resist the tight-knit community, the towering pines, the yellow foliage, the accomplished professors, and of course, my newly found love, the Foco (Class of 1953 Commons) cookie?

When it comes to my interests, I am passionate about gender issues, science, sustainability, economics, and nature, so I am looking forward to majoring in something that integrates all these interests. What it is, I don't know yet. But the good thing is that at Dartmouth, you don't have to declare your major until your first term of sophomore year. So, you typically have a year to explore everything (not literally everything–unless you are a machine). Awesome, right?

Adrian Chimboza
Tripees (B996) taking selfies before heading to the ski lodge.

 At Dartmouth, I have been privileged to meet people from different backgrounds and cultures through orientation and First-Year Trips, where you get to do what interests you the most, from kayaking, exploring museums, hiking, to just creating some jams. So, don't worry about not making friends or not finding your bestie because there are over a thousand talented, smart, and funny first-years from all corners of the world to choose from.

Memorial Stadium
A scenic view at the entrance of Memorial stadium.

Last but not least, I am an adventure seeker, so I love exploring new places and also taking pictures of those places (P.S. I am the one who took that awesome picture). With Dartmouth's aesthetically gifted campus, I am excited and looking forward to taking more than enough pictures of hidden gems, and of course, you will be the first to see them on this blog. I also love to binge on crime, horror, animation, and comedy series (my series recommendations: How to Get Away With Murder, The 100, Rick and Morty, The Office, and The Haunting of Hill House).

Stay tuned for more of my Dartmouth experience!

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