Off-Campus Programs

While traveling on one of Dartmouth's over 40 off-campus programs your financial aid will go with you. Financial aid recipients can travel abroad!

Off-campus programs are Dartmouth-sponsored study abroad programs in which students are eligible for federal and Dartmouth financial aid.

Language Study Abroad (LSA) and Foreign Study Programs (FSP)

Dartmouth College sponsors over 40 off-campus programs, including language and academic study abroad. Over half of all Dartmouth students participate in at least one off-campus program. Students receiving need-based financial aid will pay the same net price for a term in Hanover or a term anywhere else in the world.

The Off-Campus Programs Office determines the cost of each of the programs. The cost of most programs exceeds the cost of a term spent on campus due to increased travel and living costs. Students who receive need-based financial aid will receive scholarship assistance to cover the excess costs and their expected family contribution (EFC) will remain the same as a term here on campus.