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The first floor of Baker Library

A ten-week term flies by fast, and so does my love for a study spot. I am extremely picky about where I work and for how long that particular spot continues working for me. I find the need to switch my study spaces every week if not every day. Every place has a different kind of energy and I love exploring every one of them. 

After studying in one spot for more than a week, I find myself physically unable to work efficiently in that place anymore. While this may not sound like a sustainable practice, Dartmouth has so many study spots that I have been able to find new ones whenever I needed to! The Collis Centre has many rooms, which I make use of when I want my own space to study. The Rauner Special Collections Library provides me with a quiet space that also has a beautiful view. The Irving Institute spaces put me in the most productive mood. These are just a few examples of the places I rotate between. 

The Collis Centre at Dartmouth during snowfall
The Collis Centre on one snowy day

The library motivates me to do my work, seeing all the students being productive. However, it can get too intimidating for me at times. When that happens, I move to a place where I feel more at peace. Sometimes, this is the First Generation Office, with free snacks, beverages and a homely feel. At other times, it is One Wheelock, which is a space in the Collis Centre that has warm lighting and a coffee machine. When none of those places work for me, I return to my room and work there. 

The Tower Room at the Dartmouth Baker Library
The Tower Room at the top of Baker Library!

This is just my personal take on study spots. I know many people who find one place that works for them and then continue working there the whole term. Everyone's experience is different. If you are worried that Dartmouth as a whole does not seem like a study space that would work for you, know that within Dartmouth there is a myriad of places exuding different energies that cater to everyone's unique tastes!

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