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Looking at the Dartmouth archives in Rauner Library

The Joan Sloan Dickey Centre for International Understanding, or The Dickey Centre for short, was created in 1982 with the purpose of uniting various individuals to broaden the scope of learning and address global challenges. The Dickey Centre is also a great resource to find and create internships!

I am a part of their Great Issues Scholars programme, which I joined in the Fall. It facilitates a year long series of events, that is aimed at enhancing the students' understanding of current international issues. This programme has helped me comprehend global problems at a much deeper scale. It connects us with alumni, renowned guest speakers and faculty. 

One important event that I personally found extremely eye-opening was a discussion about a realistic two-state solution regarding Israel and Palestine. It was with speakers Yossi Beilin, the former Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister and architect of the Oslo Accords, and Omar Dajani, who was on the Palestine Liberation Organization's Negotiations Support Unit. They were both brilliant individuals who had worked together many times and really helped us understand the work they were doing. 

Great Issues Scholars also hosts termly simulations. Last term, the Dickey Board of Vistors Chair led us through a real-time approximation of public health policy and negotiaion, where the students were members of the Presidential Task Force. By hosting engaging events like this, Great Issues Scholars pushes us to approach conflicts in an efficient and successful manner. 

A few weeks ago, in a Great Issues Scholars event at Rauner Library, we had the opportunity to read and examine old texts from the Dartmouth archives! Most conferences and meetings are held in person, with students being able to directly interact with visiting experts. There is plenty of time allocated at the end to ask questions as well!

Annual applications usually open early Fall, but here is a link for more detailed information about Great Issues Scholars and The Dickey Centre!

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