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An image of the Dartmouth College Green in the sunshine, with students playing games and relaxing in the sunshine.

"Dartmouth is a small college." This is a phrase I heard countless times when I first arrived here, and it left me feeling extremely confused. With so many buildings scattered throughout the campus, it felt like anything but a small college. I was constantly getting lost and struggling to navigate my way from one class to another. However, over time, I adjusted to the distances and paths as they became a part of my daily routine.

That being said, getting to class can still be a challenge. If two of your classes are one after the other and are on opposite ends of the campus, there is a chance you would make it just in time for the second class. This is true  particularly in the winter when trudging through the snow with a heavy jacket can slow you down.  Fortunately, many students have found a solution by investing in electric scooters, skateboards, or bicycles.

Last week, the First Generation Office partnered with The Bike Shop on campus to offer affordable bicycles for first-generation students, all under $150. Many of the bikes were even priced below $100. My friends and I jumped at the opportunity and bought bikes for ourselves;  it was one of the best investments I have made at Dartmouth. Now I get to class five times faster than before and even get some exercise in at the same time!

Dartmouth provides numerous areas to lock bikes outside almost every building, and many dorms have bike storage rooms where you can keep your bike safe overnight. The Bike Shop is also a great place to go for repairs at a reasonable price.

My appreciation for my new bike only grows each day. I highly recommend keeping an eye out for bike sales on campus with affordable options!


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