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A sign that reads "Undergraduate Admissions" outside Dartmouth's McNutt Hall

At the beginning of my senior year of high school, I first learned about People Places Pines at a Dartmouth admissions event. Scrolling through the website for the first time, I was hooked. Students' posts transported me into the many different paths I could pursue at my potential home for the next four years. I envisioned myself sitting out doing homework on the Green, paddling down the Connecticut River, and exploring different departments through the College's liberal arts curriculum. People Places Pines was ultimately a huge reason why I chose to apply Early Decision to Dartmouth. So when the opportunity rolled around to apply for the admissions blogger position in the Class of 2024 Facebook group, I was eager to apply. Shortly after completing a Google Forms written application and a 20-minute interview, I received an email notifying me that I had received the job. I could not have been more thrilled!

The blogging commitment is three to four hours of work per week, with 400 to 500-word posts due every Sunday night of the term. Drafting each post feels like a reflective period where I can ponder my week and write about an aspect of my college journey, from living with a roommate to a day in my life during midterms season. As someone passionate about making higher education accessible to all, I love writing for the blog because it offers a glimpse into life at Dartmouth, regardless of where you are in the world. 

During my freshman summer, a position opened for the admissions communications intern (ACI) role, so I submitted my resume and cover letter to my supervisor. After being fortunate enough to land the position, my work hours increased to around eight to twelve per week as I picked up more responsibilities in addition to writing blog posts: editing and scheduling posts for the undergraduate blogging cohort, writing student-faculty profiles and long-form pieces for 3D Magazine, sharing my experiences at the College as a student panelist, and helping to recruit the incoming class of bloggers. I have also gotten to know the amazing people who work in the Office of Admissions by assisting with Dimensions After Dark tours for admitted students and creating Instagram content like reels for the office's social media channels.

This upcoming school year, I am working as a senior fellow for the Office of Admissions. I am excited to take on this greater leadership opportunity around the office as a project manager for various admissions events, open houses, and conferences. I will lead virtual information sessions and student chats for prospective students and may have the chance to serve as a student member of the undergraduate admissions committee to review first-year applications to the College.

Not only is working for Dartmouth Admissions a meaningful part-time job where I can earn some extra income, but it also develops transferable skills in graphic design, public speaking, writing, and communication that I can apply to any academic or work environment. My favorite part of the job is that it allows me to make a positive impact on prospective students around the world looking to get a deeper insight into life as a Dartmouth student. I am grateful to have had my first job as an admissions blogger and for the pivotal learning experiences I have had thus far during my college career!

The Class of 2024 takes our class photo, one year delayed due to COVID-19, in front of Baker Berry Library on the lawn.
The Class of 2024's class photo! Graphic courtesy of Dartmouth / Eli Burakian '00

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